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We are pleased to introduce you our company NEW STYLE, which since 2008 operates in the interior finishing materials.


We are the exclusive representative of the prestigious object wallcovering American factories: J.Josephson with the brands like “Symphony” and “Tower” and S & J with all the very wide range of colors and structures. Coverings are used in public buildings: hotels, office buildings, banks, hospitals, clinics, as well as private flats and apartments. Our wallcovering is not only a great way to protect the interiors against dirt and damage but also makes the interiors beautiful and elegant and tasteful.

We also offer solutions for walls and floors in areas requiring special care, such as surgeries, treatment rooms, operating rooms . For many years, we have been cooperating in this specific area with the the British company Altro. Altro is the system of hygienic and safe flooring and modern and original interior at the same time.
Our offer also includes the vinyl flooring, inspired with wood and with stone, manufactured by the English company Designflooring . Excellent quality breaks the stereotype that the vinyl floors are

less interesting solution. Designflooring provides absolutely opposite impressions. We encourage you to take a look at our realisations. You will be surprised with their look.
The carefull selection of our products is based on years of our experience. Our products features excellent quality and superb color and rich structur, which provides unlimited possibilities for the interior designers.
We would love to cooperate with all who appreciate the highest quality products, good style, merit approach and friendly atmosphere.

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    wnętrza hotelowe, sale bankietowe, pensjonaty, aprtamenty

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    wnętrza biurowe, openspace’y, sale konferencyjne, sale obsługi klienta

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    Madalinskiego1szpitale, sale operacyjne, gabinety zabiegowe, sanatoria, SPA i sale fitness

  • Biuro handlowe:

    tel. kom: + 48 503 031 042, tel. kom: + 48 733 695 345, ul. Makuszyńskiego 4, 31-752 Kraków ul. Makuszyńskiego 4 31-752 Kraków

    Skontaktuj się z nami:

    tel. kom: + 48 503 031 042 tel. kom: + 48 733 695 345


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